Radiator Cap and Filler Neck Washer

My radiator cap was bad and I also wanted to change the rubber washer (flat O-ring) that goes in the filler neck… The cap was easy but I could not find the rubber washer for the filler neck anywhere. I ended up cutting down an oversized rubber washer and it seems to be working but I would like to use the correct one.

The piece Im looking for is the flat rubber washer that goes down in the hole.

Any help would be great the one I made fit seems to be working but I dunno it feels a little wrong

also fallow up question, are the brand new radiators caps supposed to be crazy tight? my old one barely took any effort to push and twist… but it was also not holding pressure. Just wondering cause I got to use both hands to get the new one back on all the way. It comes off a little easier but still super tight. Maybe mine was just worn and old?

That flat oring doesn’t exist in the parts breakdown. Either someone added it, or it came off a radiator cap or something.

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Thanks, sounds like I will try running without it. I 100% used a pick too to pull out an old nasty rubber ring/washer of some kind…