Rack and pinion video

Im trying to rebuild the whole front end of my car and think I got it all figured from your other videos aside from the rack and pinion. Can I pull it out the side or do I need to drop it our the bottom?



![IMG20220515094144|666x500](upload://h1BHTELfLyhXnDgbiKhWVaNPnXD.jpenot sure if rack will pull out sideways as I dropped the subrame because I was getting it powder coated and then sent the rack away to Western Power to be recondition.

If I’m honest, I don’t know. I have only ever done it as part of a rebuild and then I drop the whole subframe. Hopefully, someone on the forum will know.

If I’m thinking right you have to lower the subframe just to access mounting points/lines anyway. You may not have to completely drop it though

Thank you everyone, Sounds like im dropping the sub frame. Dose anyone have pics or some info on where and how to jack up the car? I think the way I got it now the sub frame I would be removing is under tension.

I’ve got my jack stands on the lip that runs along the sill right near the front.
But doing this is a testament to how good your sills are.

Thank you everyone! I got it out finally. I believe you must remove the down pipe (front of exhaust) and the 2 sub frame pieces. I kind of looks like you could slide it out the side if you took the sway bar all the way off but I dont think its worth it. I just has to get a new downpipe cause it was damaged in removal (I knew it was hanging on by a thread) big reason wanted to get the rack out the side but it prolly only had a year left at best so I will just fix it right. Also i was a little worried about hot to jack and support the car without using the front jack stand locations but I found some good info on that and everything seems to be working out. Hopefully all the parts come in and I get her back on the road next week. Also just a quick shout out to Joe your videos are awesome and you seem like a genuinely good guy I hope your health holds out a long time and you can keep helping the community and guys like me keep their 3000gt’s on the road. Your the best : )


Just a fallow up, I got the rack out and the new rack centered (off by 3 degrees) according to my measuring tool. But I do think it is possible to get the rack out the side but its easier to take off the sub frame and down pipe. I just never put jack stands anywhere other than the front most location and was a little nervous. I ended up putting the jack stand under the main control arm bushing and took off the exhaust and sub frame like everyone says to do from the beginning. Also I have to take it in and out a couple times to get the wheel and rack centered perfect on each other so having the exhaust of the way for that was really nice. I did have to spend about 200 bucks on a new downpipe but my old one had a year left at best and I hope to get 5-10 years out of the new one. I will make a fallow up post tomorrow as I put the rest of the front end back together