Race for the base

Base models are climbing in interest I feel mostly because many are not heavily modified and still at a bargain price tag. Get them while we can I suppose.

I see many people buying models for interior/exterior parts. Then sending them off to the junk yard. Parts for their vr’4s that is. Eventually there will be so few left.

I did just that bought a n/a with engine failure for €300 couple of years back , needed a few interior bits which would have cost way more individually, if they were available at all. I know it’s a shame not to restore it but it helps ensure that my car will live on.

Yeah its way cheaper to just buy the entire car lol. Wont be like that forever though.

It would be foolish to destroy a base just for the exterior parts. Part outs are another story. Base models are getting hot since they are easy to work with without the worries of the VR4. Just for people wanting pleasure.

I also recently picked up a TT parts car for €800 . I picked it up in the dark , the guy started the car and drove it onto my trailer. He said it was gone way too far underneath to be saved. I rolled it off the trailer and into a paddock . its s a complete car 100% complete, I haven’t seen the underside yet but I’m torn now what to do.

sad idea, base models need to live on and not be used for donor parts