R12 Air Con help

Hi all, summer is here in the U.K. then……….which brings me to my question. 91 Twin Turbo on ancient R12 Air Con Fluid, what options do I have to get it recharged as not cold. What do folks do as I believe it’s not available anymore and illegal?

You have to convert your system to r134. Now im not 100 percent certain how to go about it. But im pretty sure you need to drain the oil out of your compressor, evaporator, change the expansion valve, receiver drier and all the o rings. Then vacuum the system out completely, add ac oil and then charge the system up with r134. I dont think you need to change the compressor but again im not 100 percent sure. Im also not sure if the connections on the lines are different. Ive heard of people using some sort of adapters on the lines when doing the conversion.

I’m in the same boat. Although the 100% correct way seems to be to relace all that mentioned above, the opinions on the net are kinda split if all is truly nesessary to have fairly long term results.

My plan of action that I have come up with:

  • Replace the drier
  • Replace the o-rings where I have to (like when changing the drier)
  • Possibly drain the oil out of the compressor
  • Fit adapters on the high and low outlets
  • Leak test and vacuum
  • compensate for the lost oil from the drier and compressor by adding certain amout of ester oil (ester type is crucial, no PAG)
  • charge with r134

On a side note, finding the correct size o-rings might be a challange as it seems.

Would be very interesting to hear others opinions/experiences.

PS there are direct replacements for r12 but they’re based on inflammable hydrocarbons. Don’t want that in my car… and legality of usage of those in cars is questionnable.

Thus doing conversion to r134 seems to be the way to go.

I can tell you that ive been searching and searching for an o ring that goes on that evaporator low side connection. The bigger connection, and still I cant find one that fits.

Was giving this diagram from mitsubishi parts store online, doesnt even show the 2 o rings that go on that stupid thing. I call the dealers up and they say they are discontinued. I buy packs of o rings online and none fit.

There is the correct way as ian2160 points out and there is a cheap way.
I have an 1993 Model. Just replaced the filter/dryer and low/high side fill ports as they are different.
Just went to an independent shop that does AC and had them vacuum the system and fill with R134. Still works.
Keep in mind that R12 provides cooler temp compared to R134 by a few degrees.

Unless you have a leak somewhere, I wouldn’t deconstruct the system as some parts are hard to find or unavailable.

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I took my air con unit from my 91 into an auto air con specialist and there seemed to be no issues at all. He also used parts out of an old unit to rebuild it as the unit is no longer manufactured - as we well know anyway. I’m in New Zealand.

Try rock auto, i bought set of o rings and seem my ac repairer used some from it.