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Hello all my name is: Bruce, I 'm the original owner of a 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T twin turbo with about 190,000 miles. After storing my car over the winter, I started driving it this week and noticed that the AC has given up. The last few years it still worked but barely. I haven’t started diagnosing the problem, but I suspect the system has a leak, or just needs to be recharged. The bigger problem is that I’m pretty sure the '93 still used freon. Is it even available in the US? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!

I have a: (GTO, 3000GT, STEALTH / SL, MR, VR4, TT)
It has the following issue: (be sure to describe it as best as you can. Remember to also tell us what you have tried so far)


From reading online it says that 1993 was the last year that mitsubishi used r-12 freon. I have a 1996 base model that has a huge leak. My leak is on the firewall where the low and high side hoses connect to the evaporator. Theres an O ring there that tends to wear out and cause a leak. Though most o rings on these cars now a days are probably going to start giving out soon. Do you hear a click when you turn on the ac? If not and its not blowing cold air then yeah you probably have no freon in your car. And freon doesnt just disappear, so if you have no freon then theres most certainly a leak somewhere. You could bring it to a shop and have them put dye in it and check for leaks that way. Do note that if its the evaporator then that is located behind the glovebox. THE DASH DOES NOT HAVE TO COME OUT TO REPLACE THAT OR THE EXPANSION VALVE. Expansion valve is located on the evaporator so anytime ac work is done it is recommended to swap out the expansion valve and the receiver drier. Id suggest taking it to a shop and having them check for leaks.

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The R12 system is easily and cheaply converted to R134 gas which is available anywhere. Don’t let them give you any crap about new pumps. You need to change the drier which is available from autozone for peanuts. Some places also change the oil but others don’t bother. You will also need to change the connector ports but these are also cheap and readily available. Finally, get a proper a/c shop to find the leak.


Thanks, I really appreciate the tips! No strange sounds when I turn it on, it just blows warm air now. I think the first step is to have it tested for leaks.

Thanks Joe, I think taking it to a shop to test for leaks is the first step. It sounds like the repair/conversion should be relatively simple and inexpensive. I appreciate your help!

Be sure to let us know what the problem is

I’ve never had good luck with AC systems. My last 3000 had a similar problem, which came down to a failing compressor, and some of the hoses getting porous(leak).

Even though there’s lots of tutorials on recharging the system, it’s so important to vacuum it first.


Hi Joe,
Do you have a preferred supplier for the drier and conversion kit?

Cheers, Paul

The drier is a standard part with many aftermarket suppliers. The adaptors are a little harder to get hold of these days but I have some if you dont have any luck.

How do those adapters look like??

Thanks Joe, I’ll be in touch, currently I’m not getting 12v to the clutch relay - so a little more diagnosis required before I get it recharged!