Question about backup cam and license plate lights

I’m installing an Alpine backup camera and license plate mount with lights to my 97 base model. I’ve got the wires for both fed up into the trunk but I was wondering where they would best be attached. I got some posi-taps so I won’t have to strip or ruin any wires. I was thinking of tapping the camera into one of the reverse lights but there’s three wires leading to it and i don’t know which the correct one is. I thought about connecting the license plate light to the original lights in the bumper but i didnt really wanna expose that connection to possible weather. Any ideas?

Hi girliegirl
This is a little confusing because the wiring you have, is different to anything I have seen. The backup light is a single filament bulb and should only have 2 wires. The red/blue wire is positive wire.
Does your camera need to be need a positive supply or is that supplied by the head unit?
If you need a switched negative supply, you should get this from the reverse switch on the gearbox/transmission.
With the registration lights. The original cable can be pushed back into the trunk of the car to protect them and run your new cables through the original cable hole. I hope this helps.

Oof, of course you’re right. The back up light is just the two. The license plate light had three heading out of the trunk into the bumper through the rubber plug in the trunk wall. Black, red and blue, and a green and yellow. Unless I’m wrong about those guys too…

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