Pulling out an Oil pan Dent

Does anyone know of a possible way to pull out a dent from the bottom of the oil pan, without removing it ?
Maybe a car body tool, or similar > ?

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I’ll follow this. got the same issue.

I think you could with some heat and pdr tool but then you compromise the integrity of the structure of the pan.

Best to do it right

Well unfortunately I will be unable to do it myself beacuse of a disability, and the mechanic who normally is fair to me wants 10 hours in labor costs to do it, Ouch!, That is why I was looking for an alternative option :wink:
I was charged less labor to pull and reinstall the entire engine ~!

I’ve done this a few times, as it’s a common problem with oil supply issues.
That said, I’ve only done it by removing the pan, which is pretty simple.
If you’ve got a significant dent in your pan, you might have a busted oil pickup filter too, so order one of those in advance.
I’ve hammered the dents out from the inside.

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