Puddle of water under left front side

Hello all my name is René
I, or actually my daughter, just got herself a Stealth sohc 1991. Lot’s of stuff to do which is great fun together. Great to be joining the forum!
It has the following issue, or maybe it doesn’t. There is always a puddle of water under the little drain tube on the left front side. I know that airco’s are the cause for this but this puddle is always there. Could there be a more serious issue? A visual check doesn’t reveal anything.


Hi Rene
Welcome to the forum.
Do you get the leak if you don’t use the a/c?

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the reply. Yes I do, there is always a puddle. It seems to be just water, it’s clear and not greasy.

Rgds René

There would not be water if the a/c is not on which means that the water must be coming from the engine cooling system. Most likely, a tiny leak in the radiator but you would have to make a closer inspection to be sure.

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Check the heater hoses and the ones on the rear turbo they are all close proximity to the aircon drain pipe and water pump

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Thank you, I will have acloser look at these locations.

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