PTU Thermal Paste? And Tacho issues

Hello all my name is: Ryan
I have a: (91’ GTO TT)


I have just bought a GTO with a few minor issues, one being the tacho not working, so I went ahead and bought a new PTU and on removal of the old one it was caked in thermal paste, my question being are we supposed to apply thermal paste on fitting I went ahead and scraped some off and put on the new PTU (paste was still wet so I knew this part wouldn’t fix my issue). Just wanted to make sure this is normal.

On the Tacho note I checked the connector and the wire seems in place and okay so I guess it will be the 2 capacitors on the back of the tachometer?

Next to zero movement on the Tacho, on harsh acceleration you see the needle move around 1mm.

Enjoying ownership so far, next on the list fix the rear active aero and replace the blown speakers!

Yes, there is supposed to be thermal paste beneath the PTU.