Prop Shaft Bearing Replacement

Hey guys, I need to replace both prop shaft bearings. I have watched some ugly videos on removing them from the shaft and none of them on a 1993 GTO. Thought i’d ask you guys is there anything in particular I need to look out for. Are there any other perishable parts at the joints of the shaft that I might come across that may need replacing too. ?
Any info graciously appreciated.

Hi Peter, pretty sure you need to replace the bushings between the brackets and car body, or if the old ones are OK they have to be put back on exactly as they were.

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Cheers, i’ll check that out when i’m taking the prop shaft off the car this evening.

Hi, does anyone know if im ok to use a puller to pull this outer disc plate off ?
I think i need to get this off first so i can pull the old bearing off ?

Why don’t you just repair them, It’s not hard if you think about it for long enough.

Hi magn1t, The bearing and the rubber boot surround are shot, Either way to repair or replace
I think I still need to get this front plate off, but I don’t want to damage any part of the Prop shaft and then have to find a replacement. I’m not sure if this is meant to come off, I’m 65% sure ?

It’s been years since I did mine but I’m sure you’ll be able to use a pulley remover to remove the flange. Remove the nut first and use a 3 legged pulley preferably. Unfortunately I can’t remember the torque setting for the nut. Just make sure you remember exactly how everything goes back on … make some markings to help re-assembly… take pics etc. be careful not to dislodge any weight balancers that may be attached to the shaft otherwise you may have to get the props rebalanced

Perfect, thanks a mill, I’ll have a go this afternoon and take pics as I go. Cheers mate

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This very poor image might help but not much :grinning:


This forum has many documents/service manuals. The file you need is this one service manual Look in section 25. Make sure you have Adobe loaded on your device as it will take ages to view online. That big nut on the end of the shaft is 190Nm torque… Have fun but most importantly put mating marks on flanges and shafts BEFORE you take anything apart.

That actually makes perfect sense thanks, Because I found this too… the arrows circled indicate that it comes apart and replaceable. Thanks mate, i’m confident now that they come apart there.
I can pull away :+1:

Capture.1 Prop

Capture.2 Prop

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I’ve never had a need to remove mine because I’ve fixed them in place. The only thing that goes wrong is the rubber on the outside gets separated from the bearing on the inside. The bearing it’s self doesn’t fail .

the problem is that the rubber wears down and allows the prop shaft to bounce up and down too much, creating vibration and noise … and maybe MOT failure ? I’m curious as to how you fixed your bearing brackets in place … an after market option ? or home made ? I would imagine the rubber is there to absorb shock to the prop shaft but when it wears down it become less effective and should be replaced ?

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Probably a good idea to also check your universal joints. Check them for any flat spots and roughness. High chance that if the carrier bearings are gone, then the UJ’s are gone to. If the UJ’s are crook, then you have much bigger problems to deal with. TT’s UJ’s are staked (don’t know about NA’s) and not easily replaceable. They will need to be done by a reputable engineering shop that has the ability to refit oversize 25mm UJ’s and be able to rebalance the complex 3 piece shaft. If the UJ’s are good, then you will still need to partially dismantle and remove the Lobro joint as well to get the centre carrier bearing off. Also check your rear diff pinion flange seal. With the prop shaft been slogging around, there’s a chance that it’s not great either.

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Thanks Bowaster.
I have the prop disassembled now in three parts. I see what you mean about the Universal Joints,
I had a good close look at them and couldn’t figure how they come off, I assumed they would have to be pressed out. They look ok though and movement is not too freely so I think the UJ’s are ok. I also had a look at the flange seal as you advised and that looks OK too. So I may have got off lucky with just having to replace the Bearings. While i’m waiting for delivery of the two new Carrier Bearings I’ll wire brush everything down and give the three shafts a splash of Black Zinc Paint. :+1: