Pricing question for 92

Hey all. I’ve got a 1992 dodge stealth. As we all know, the market for these is weird. We’ve got those that know nothing of these vehicles undercutting the market, while we’ve got some folks that are absolutely without a doubt asking too much.

My question is this. What would be a fair price to sell my car for with the info given below?

1992 Dodge Stealth ES 5 Speed manual - Red
98k Miles
Has air conditioning that works great.
American racing black wheels
Original wheels as well
Black leather interior with seat covers
Original cloth mats
Original trunk cover
Sony touch screen bluetooth radio with kicker speakers. Original radio on hand
Original exhaust except for muffler. Original muffler on hand

Rear defroster not functional.

Recent work in past two months:
New engine bay insulation
Valve cover gaskets
Spark plugs
Spark plug wires
Coil packs
Idle Air Controller
New clutch and flywheel and master/slave cylinder with full system flush
New brakes all around with full flush
CV axles rebuilt and axle seals replaced
New mishimoto radiator hoses
Front engine cover resealed
Oil pain gasket replaced
Crank seals
Rear main seal replaced
Timing belt and water pump
Power steering pump replaced with system flushed
Transmission oil replaced

Ive got the original tech book for engine and body as well as the electrical tech book.

The car was originally owned by Charles McNeer. He was in the SR71 Blackbird Program, confirmed it with his daughter Faith.

I’m sure there’s other stuff I’ve done but forgotten but that’s all I can think of at the moment.

No rips in the leather seats, they’re just having that cracked look a bit as I haven’t restored them yet. I’ve got the typical cracked defroster things but I do have the replacements on hand.

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Hi Christian
What a lovely car and what an impossible question to answer. For a start, these cars have quite dramatic prices depending on the country you are in. They have also been massively under priced for years and are sold in good or bad condition. At the end of the day, a stock car that is in excellent condition, with regular oil change and not raced from light to light should be worth 10 times the opposite.
I have known people to buy cars for 10k that I would not pay £500 for. Because it has shiny paint does not mean it is a good car.
Your car looks to be in very nice condition and even though it is a base model, I would expect to pay atleast $7k myself and that would be a bargain in my book.
Is there any other car on the market with such good looks after 30 years, built so solid and reliable, has good pedigree, relatively fast and makes you grin every time you drive it. I think not.
If you are lucky enough to own one of these cars in nice condition, there is no price you can put on it. We need to be asking top money for the good ones and make sure that they are only sold to the people that will value what we have.
There are plenty of abused and neglected examples out there for those that don’t want to spend any money but they are just scrap cars to me.
I think that top of the range, top quality, stock cars in mint condition should now be fetching $60k plus to bring them in line with other models of the era and I expect that the price will continue to increase every year as they become more rare.
I recently see a 1990 3000GT SL in perfect condition go for $64k in the states and I have to say that I would never sell mine for so little. Value your car based on what it is worth to you and if we all did the same, they will actually become cherished cars as they should be.

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Thank you for the response Joe. Your insight is spot on.

I’ve been toying with the idea of selling it, as at the moment it’s had to become my daily driver due toa work change, and I’d much rather it be a collector item than a daily to accumulate miles. I really need a truck for work and such but don’t have the financial wherewithall to buy a third vehicle right now.

If anyone knows of a buyer in the states, I’m in Missouri, that would be interested in buying my vehicle I’m open to offers.

Thank you again for your response.

Have a wonderful day!

I wouldn’t pay more than $4000 for a stock base modle that’s in real great shape since you can get the mid level trim for almost the same price. Almost 90% of the time, most problems with cars with high milage (granted 98k miles on a 30 year old car is low for its age) are usual discovered after a few months of owning it.

If, however, there are good records for its maintenence, then I’d pay alot more than $4000, probably in the vicinity of $20000.

Most cars with problems are temporarily patched up to sell fast, and the fix doesn’t usually hold up, and that’s what so many of these cars have had happen to them and that’s what drives down the market.

This is all, after all, my personal opinion, so please don’t decide solely on it.

Your car does appear to be in very good condition, so please don’t sell it cheap.

Hey there. That’s a beautiful car and low miles. I have a very high ks N/A 5 speed one in New Zealand (nearly 370000 ks) and although it is in very good condition, not quite as good as yours. I would want a minimum of $7500 for mine so I’d say you could easily get more than that for yours. Bearing in mind of course that you guys are in pounds but I’m sure you get the general drift. Everything is relative.