Power steering belt

Hi All,
Cant see the belt and steering definitely not power on Blue one (11/93 GTO TT6speed etc) lol.

What’s involved ? Can you get at it from top or underneath and how long did it take?

Bit chilly outside still and driving red one so if not going to be easy it can go to garage next month.

Not difficult, You need access from underneath also, Wheel off, loosen the bottom or take off the splash guard on side of the wheel arch in order to wiggle out the guard for the pulleys and belts. at front of You.

Loosen the pulley bolt and the bolt above the pulley for the tension of the belt, remove the belt from the crank pulley in order to take off ( if is there ) the power steering belt.

Loosen the two tensioner bolts ( You can get to top bolt from above with long spanner ) and replase the belt, .adjust the tension and tighten the tensioner.

Place the other belt on the crank pulley adjust the tension and tighten the tensioner pulley.

Can be done in an hour …

( Picture for reference )

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Thank you . Brilliant couldn’t find a Joe video so picture great. 4 different belts on megazip for my vin number made in 11/93 GTO 4ws 4wd 6 sp ( 915 and 925 and flat or toothed I’m guessing) so hopefully snapped one in active aero tray. If not I guess piece of string and whether pulleys toothed.
Not going to happen till its a bit warmer .

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93 should have the ribbet belts. .

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Huge thank you from my garage guy Gary , your description was spot on and saved any guesswork. Hardest part was driving through town to get there. Muscles like Hercules required with the 19" wheels and tyres.
Big thank you . ECS test April 3rd plus connect up aerial as some dick snapped my original when it stuck showing about 4".

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