Power side mirror

I recently discovered that my side mirrors don’t work. I’m not sure if it’s the fuse but the lighter works and also everything else. The side mirrors don’t move or anything and I’m not sure where to start to look at. Is there a motor or anything that may cause it to not move?

I too had problems with my side mirrors.
Yes, there are 3 motors. 1 large motor to open & close the mirrors & 2 smaller motors to flip the mirrors up & down.

Use Joe’s video to prise open the mirror. Below you will see a sort of plate. Rrmove all the screws & you’ll see tie motors & gears. Clean them, test them & then youll know.


When you resolved the issue, what was the main cause of the problem? Was it the mirror or the motor inside?

I had this issue and it was a dry solder joint in the switch. It’s an easy item to check before pulling the mirror apart :ok_hand:

I haven’t looked at it yet but the side mirrors look like the ones from Amazon that replace the mirror. I have a feeling it might not be connected

Sorry for this late reply.
The rotating screw gears that lift the mirrors were clogged & the motors were jammed.
I loosened the motors with WD40 & used a toothbrush to clean the gears.