Power Folding Mirror’s failure

Hey all,

My Power Folding mirrors no longer function when I use the switch. Tried a new fuse today but I guess that is not the problem. I’ve been so busy lately that I put my 92 GTO at the end of my driveway as I wasn’t going to be using it too much with everything going on (New baby! Plus moving to a new place, etc) so I folded my mirrors inward. Now that I’m ready to use to the car again, they aren’t functioning. I can’t see BOTH mirror motors failing at the same time. Also, my directional controls for the mirror itself works fine (left, right, up and down). Just the folding does not (I am aware they are use separate fuses). I don’t suppose anyone has ran into this issue?

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

If it’s not the Mirror switch that’s faulty there is a small plastic relay type box behind the radio area that should click when you press the mirror button, I replaced a capacitor in that when I had the same problem.

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Awesome, I’ll check it out! Thanks for the input. Hopefully thats all it is!

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Same thing happened to mine and it was a few of the contacts in the switch needed re soldered. Took it to a local TV repair shop and got it sorted for 15 quid. Perfect ever since.

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Very interesting. The plastic plate around the switch… does it just pop off from a few clips underneath? I have a few trim tools if so.

Probably the switch needs re soldering as Spursman said , and yes will pop out with a trim tool !

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Excellent, I’ll pop it off tm and investigate. I really appreciate all the advice and help :]

I’ve taken my switch to get cleaned and repaired, but unfortunately the problem remains. The gentleman said the switch was extremely dirty. Figured that was going to do it! I appreciate the advice nonetheless!

Did he do any re soldering?

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He took it apart and cleaned it, but he said it didn’t need to be soldered. At this point I would be happy with the mirrors folded out… I don’t suppose there is any possible way to do manually. It’s too dangerous too drive it without the side mirrors :frowning:

Try taking the switch out and with the wiring still connected move the connection plug around while pushing the fold button . That’s how I discovered it needed re soldered, your guy could have missed something.

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I DID try this after… held the plug and wires in a few different positions and kept trying the switch.

Now… against my better judgment, I used a forceful nudge to pop them out… I know, not the smart solution… but hey, my mirrors are unfolded and I can drive it! Perhaps in the future I can take another look and try to figure it out. You guys are the best, It feels good to know that there are others with such a knowledge base of our cars. Thank again

Mirros can be folded - unfolded manually but not recommended !

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