Power brake removal

Good morning all.
I want to take off my servo soni can clean and re spray it.
Its my first time doing this. I think the bolts are behind the dasboard. Do I have to take the dash out?


No, they are accessible without removing the dash.

Thanks for your reply

You have to remove the glove box out then should be accessible

Thankyou very much Jerry

Done this a couple of times now. You will need to remove the AC unit as well. The big, white thing otherwise you will never access the nuts that fasten the booster to the firewall. There are four of them.
Nuts are #52484 and they are fastened inside the firewall. No need to remove that pin which is not actually as hard as it looks.

So no need to remove the dash board. Thankyou

Nope. Remove gloveboox and the AC thing and the pin and bolts are right up to the left. You will first need to unbolt the bits and pieces on the booster under the bonnet first.

Thanks for your help