Possible rear main seal leak

Hello from MISSOURI, USA. Found oil in the driveway. Local mechanic inspected it and says it could be leaking from the front and rear main seal. Sounds costly so I wonder if I could do it myself with a video from Joe?

If it rear main seal transmission needs to come out. If it’s front main seal it’s essentially a timing belt job.

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I would make sure 100% where the leak is originating from before I take stuff apart. For these cars not a easy job and extremely costly done by professionals and that too hard to find those who are familiar with this make and model. A DIY consists of the following
factory manuals as many as you can find, a garage, tools/special tools, engine hoist ( just in case ) and lastly most important thing of all time and motivation.

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Thanks all… probably time to address both front and rear main seals at this point. Problem is I’m a visual learner so these videos are good from the gods.

There has been video requests for an entire engine removal and from what I understand Joe would be making one this summer if i am correct. All i can say that i would find it easy to hike up mount Everest with one leg than do a complete engine/tranny removal and disassembly on these cars as a first timer and on top of that good luck finding OE parts and after market ones that fit.

Hahahah well said!!! So far, I was able to get the plenum gasket and spark plugs changed out. Now I’m motivated and ready to rip up carpet and drive shafts. I just love this old girl and wish the fella before me would’ve cared for her better

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