Pop up headlights

Hi so glad I found this forum, I’m Oli from
North Wales I’ve had my 91 JDM GTO for about 15 years now and it’s been in many stages of repair/restoration all of that time as it was a non runner when I bought her. She’s currently going through a big restoration. Anyway the reason for my post I’m putting her back together and for some reason the popups are not working properly, you can put one up manually and it will go down after pressing the button or put two up manually and they’ll go down after pressing the button or put one up and the other will go up to match and then both do down but they won’t go up and down normally :unamused: the relay buzzes and I’ve swapped it for one from my donor car and it’s the same buzzing. Thanks in advance

Try swapping the relay in main fuse box

Hi risingsunracer, I have just completed a full restoration on my pop up lights, What I found when I stripped them was that the hinges where rusted and full of dirt which was restricting the pivot mechanism and no doubt putting pressure on the motor to push the lights up,

So I think I got to them in good time before the motors burned out. I’m not saying that this is your problem, but it’s something to think about. Joe has a video on how to remove and replace them, I think it may be worth your while taking them out.

You can test the flexibility of your hinges if you remove the pivot arm at the upper end. This will allow you to pull the light up and down with your hand freely to see if there is any resistance. (Word of warning though. These nylon ball joints are now fragile, although there is a work around, I suggest being very very careful)

If you have them out, you can also check that the rotary arms attached to the motor are in the exact same position. If the lights have been fully wound up or down manually they might not be in sync. Also grease all of the pivot joints, there’s lots of them.
Might be somewhere to start. best of luck, hope you get it sorted.


thanks for the reply they are in very good condition luckily, it seems to be an electrical gremlin, was hoping they needed timing up or something. might try a third relay or refit the donor cars lights to see if it works, thanks again

i took one out the donor car but it does the same, i might put the donor car lights back on and test both relays, if theyre both gone i’ll get a new one thanks for the reply