Pop up headlights problem

Hi guys, I have a 1992 Dodge stealth ES. I was trying to change the headlights but the four screws around the chrome piece won’t come off. So I decided to remove the whole headlight assembly. Unfortunately the four screw are still impossible to remove but my main problem is to put back the head light. I don’t know why. But the top screw and the side screw that hold the headlight are always moving around and it’s hard to align the headlight. Because of that I can not put back the lower plastc trim cause the headlight is tilted forward when it’s screw up and I notice that there is a little spring that make tension in the lower corner. I dont know how to put back that spring. I think the problem come from the fact that i can’t put back the spring. So I’m stuck with a headlight with no lower plastic trim.

Sorry for my english it isn’t my first language and it’s my first time on this forum

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Hey bud. Was fighting with the four screws muself. They’re philips screws so if rusted there’s not enough force you can apply. Ended up, doing this VERY carefully not to catch anythind around, using an angle grinder with a thin disc to create a slot in the heads of the screws, and then with a slotted screwdriver and wd40 they eventually gave up.

As for the spring. Should be straight forward, cant recall any issues taking off/putting back on. You sure the spring is not rusted out in parts so it doesnt have a hooking end anymore? Or take a few pics so that it’ll be clearer what do you mean.

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I will try to take more pictures for the spring. Thank you very for the for the advice about the screws. I will update my situation tomorrow or in few days.

Sorry for the waiting. I was very busy lately. I just want thank Vince_GTO for his tips. I finally put back the headlight and the plastic trim. Now I wiil try to remove the screws around the chrome piece. Thank for everything👋

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