Please vote for the UK winner

I am down to the final 2 entries as a winner for the UK part of the competition. Both entries were given debate by other members and both are worthy so I would be interested in your views. Each of these were also requested by people in other parts of the world but as these entries were first, they have to be put forward first. Have your say.
Option 1 was belt change and was requested by Vadim
Option 2 is spark plug change and was requested by Lee

The final decision will still be mine but I would love to hear your views.
Don’t forget that the rest of you can still put entries forward until the lock down and quarantine ends.

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I will say Option 1 ( Timing Belt ) as it is very crucial, expensive job for a garage to do and not as straightforward as the spark plugs.


Both really good ones but as a beginner I would really like to see the spark plugs changed. That is my vote

Hi! My vote is for timing belt

I vote for option 2 as doing a belt change is way beyond a normal garage mechanic, as it is not a job for the average Joe (excuse the pun) :grin:

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I’ll disagree, it is not difficult if You know how to do it !

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I vote for #1 (make it the 60K Mile service while we’re at it).

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Biased but belt change definitely ashave done plugs leads and head gasket myself in past.

I’m going to vote for #1, timing belt. I also think Joe is going to do a spark plug video anyways, but as for the competition, if he can help a member of the community to do the harder job, I think that is more optimal.

Actually, I could use a bit of help from the community here. I just bought a base model, 71,000 miles with no history. The codes p0340 can shaft sensor and p0335 crank shaft sensor codes were on. With the lack of history, I just finished changing the timing belt, water pump, Thermostat, and sensors. Those codes are still there. The car feels more powerful and no funny sounds. Anyone have any clues why those codes are still there? I asked my brother and he told me the sensors might be misaligned a little. Any other possible reasons that could trigger those codes? I really don’t want to take things apart again…

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Belt change for me please.

Hello Joe, Pascal from Belgium here, I choose for the timing belt subject.
For the future/next competition, I would like to see a rebuild of the steering rack please, as personally for the moment I am blocked with mine, due to an scraper seal (inner-inner seal of the damper) that is unavailable at Mitsubishi and the rebuild kits from different suppliers doesn’t include this one, so it would to see how you would solve this :wink:

Hi Pascal
I will try to find the seal for you. Are you able to circle the one that you need on a drawing so that we are both on the same track. As far as a video goes. I am just starting videos on the engine section at the moment so steering is a little way off yet. Please could you request it in the request a video section so it is there for all to see and doesn’t get requested by multiple people.

Hello Joe,
That would be nice of you, and yes, I will move the request to another section.
I already bought a rebuild kit from Mitsubishi, Edelmann and ACDelco, all were missing the same seal. The seal is only available at Mitsubishi if you buy the complete damper, but this item isn’t permanently unavailable.
I’ve circled the missing seal on the picture with the parts list of the rebuild kit, the seal has to be into the damper behind the big seal with the yellow teflon ring.

Please let me know what is possible.
Thanks in advance Joe.