Please use correct category

Hi All
I have noticed that a number of you are posting in categories that have nothing to do with what you have posted. For instance - there was a question posted in the show and shine category about cloth seats. Show and shine is for people to take pictures of their pride and joy and then post them for others to see and comment on. General questions should go in the general category. By posting in the correct category, we can help to keep the site tidy and avoid the need for mediators and regulators for the site. If you click on categories, you will see a description of what each one is for and if you don’t find one that meets your needs, just let me know and I will add a new one for you.
I am using off the shelf generic software for this forum and I appreciate that it has a few bits that take a little getting used to but if you aren’t sure about anything, just ask.


Well said and makes things a lot easier when searching for answer to your problem.