Photos with dashboard removed / wiring / fuse box aera please

Sorry for the recent barrage of questions (trying to sort some pretty BAD gremlins in my car and not wanting to scrap it)

Does anyone have any details pictures of their GTO with the dashboard removed, specifically around the drivers side, wiring, grounding etc? or even just generally decent pics of the dash removed?

Thank you in advance!

I am right now in the process of taking my dash out… I will have a look and see if I can get some pictures on those areas

That is super appreciated - if your taking them specifically, areas around the main wiring look, fuse/relaybox under dash and ground point would be absolutly perfect thank you!

I have some cut wires that i need to find where they go

I can say right away that there are alot of wires under there… So darn many boxes, relay´s and what do I know… But I will try and see if I can get some good pictures

Unfortunately I know this all too well, I have already fixed proberbly 20 lots of botched wiring, repaired several modules - but despite having reasonably good knowledge with electrics these few wires have me stumped but I feel this along with the grounding problem maybe my issue of the eleectrics being scrrewy

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I have looked around everywhere, but this is the only grounding point I can find under the dash :thinking:

perfect thank you very much!