Parts Needed for project gto

I am in need of some parts for my latest project.

This list will change as I find bits, so please bear with me.
I can repair/ fix most things, so not too bothered about condition, or if it works.

Many thanks

Electric aerial.
Mk2+ ABS motor assy.
Boot floor fuel pump hatch/cover
ECS Front suspension assy(x2)
Battery retaining bracket and rod.
Rear washer bottle dip stick
Hatch undertray retractable cover clips
Bonnet struts
Mk2+ Front bumper Brackets. All of them! Especially the u shaped centre one
Set of 3 centre gauges. TT
Instrument Cluster

Still have stuff i first said …and front ecs struts.and do you mean cluster as in boost.temp ?

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I have pretty much all of this, message me to sort out