Parts for VR-4 Rebuild

I am working on a full engine rebuild/restoration to a ‘92 VR-4 with a mechanic in Phoenix, AZ, and we are having trouble finding a reliable source for quality internal engine parts. I know many people in this forum live in the UK, but would people with parts be willing to ship to the US? I also have a P.O. box in the UK that can then ship to the US from there. Have a nice painted body and redone interior on the car, would be nice to get it on the road.

Hi Joey
I was rather surprised to see this request as many people in the UK get their parts from the States. Which parts do you need?

“Pistons, connecting rods, rings, bearings, valves, springs, tappets, heat gasket sets and seals, timing kits, engine seals“ is the list I just got from my mechanic. He will only use OEM parts or something we know is high quality.

I definitely have found a lot of these available online just now, so I think he probably just doesn’t know how to look for them online (he’s a lot older than me) and told me to ask people.

If there are any sources that you guys trust/don’t trust for parts, that would be helpful.
Thanks for the response!

I got my complete OEM gasket kit, bearings, Wiseco pistons 91.5MM, etc., from Ninja Performance for my recent rebuild, restoration over the last year and half. They are a little slow in getting their parts to you.

Also, 3SX, Cherry Hill, and Rvengeperformance are also good for various parts.