Part Number required Alternator tensioner pulley

Hey all,

I have replaced all of the belts and pulleys except the alternator tensioner pulley. would anyone know the part number or better yet, where to get one. Its number 9 in the image below.

Thanks in advance

Check here.

Thanks, thats the one, Im in UK so generally 3SX is out of the question for us, and even they dont have it. However it shows the part number MR360357.

Hopefully i can see where that takes me

Out of production but try to contact this lot Genuine OEM Pulley Part# mr360357 Fits 1991-2012 Mitsubishi: Up To 35% Off On Every Order And Guaranteed Fit When You Enter Your VIN | Mitsubishi Direct Parts

Hello, part MR360357 (pulley only) is available as a replacement part: Gates 36272.
However I didn’t fit nicely on my 1992 VR4, I then switched to Gates 36192 (Dayco 89138 is also possible) and it fits perfectly (dimensions in mm are 90/30,5(flanged)/10,2).
There’s also a narrower version of this part that also should fit but I never tried it: Gates 36238 (dimensions in mm are 90/25(flanged)/10,2).


Thanks Pascal, Joe has sorted me out with a pulley :sunglasses:

I also found some possible Dayco pulleys that should fit.

Top 100mm Pulley Dayco 89533

Bottom 90mm Pulley Dayco 89578