Parking Brake Replacement on VR4/Stealth TT

Hello, I am requesting a video on replacing the entire parking brake system on the AWD models. More specifically, the cables, hardware, and pads. Not so much the switch for indication of the parking brake being on or not. Although, that would be a plus too. I’m having difficulty understanding some parts of the service manuals when it comes to replacing the parking brakes. I think a video with the depth and attention to detail that goes on the YouTube channel for this forum would help a great deal. As per your request when users request a video: my name is Kiweel (pronounced key-well) and I’m from the United States. Minnesota more specifically. Thank you, and anyone else who can help in this matter.

I’m pretty sure there’s some stuff on Youtube for this. I’m gonna need this info at some stage too and pretty sure that it’s already out there