Paint or Restore the paint

I’m curious what you all think about putting my car in the paint shop for new paint or have the paint on it restored.

The front has tons of speckles from road dirt chipping the paint and all the plastic parts (spoiler, side shirts, mirrors, and bumpers) are all faded.

Faded red will always turn faded again no matter how much you buff and polish it :confused:

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Mine buffs up a treat when valet guy does it but its faded again within a month instead of 10 days when I do it. Luckily someone hit me on the back quarter and its in the paint shop now so it getting a blow over to match my bonnet which always stays shiny . AJ says lacquering the red is the only way to slow the fade and obviously enhances the shine for the future, so I would always say if you are keeping yours bite the bullet and blow it over and be generous with lacquer coats I guess.

i like this 2 color only on GTO/GT3000

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The good wheels go well with the dark greenish color