Paint help pearl white w75

Hi guys

So it seems I messed up, I used a epoxy grey 1k primer followed by a 2k pearl white Code w75. It just won’t cover the grey !! So having a quick read it seems I need to use a white primer white base followed by my pearl paint

Question is what white base do I use? Any specific code I need? Thanks guys

Any white base would work.
I tend to use a white primer anyway, then on the final coat add a bit of the colour to the primer as a base.
I’m not a car painter but it’s what I found works for me.

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That looks stunning !! So I can’t mix paints unfortunately as I’m using rattle cans but in 2k.

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I’d just get a white base rattle tin then.

Have you added any clear coat yet to it? If you have you will need to flat it back with 800, then mist the coats on to try and avoid a reaction.

paint reactions are soul destroying :frowning: