Out for a show in the sunshine


Looking Good Dave I like the wink look :grinning:

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Welcome to the forum Dave.
The car looks stunning.

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Sent to me by the photographer watermarked


Very nice, wish mine looked as good !

Mine doesnt without a wash, i have some laquer peel and faded panels to sort out but washed and waxed it looks decent

Hey Dave, whats the story on your fog lights? Are they just wrapped in vinyl or are they different from oem altogether?

Hi mate. They have just been sprayed with black paint from an aerosol.
I’ve removed it from the rear lights though. Just in case some muppet runs into the back of me when i turn,:laughing: Easy enough to do. Just a rub down with some fine grade wet & dry and coat of clear lacquer.

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Oh okay right on. They look incredible! I really appreciate the description on how you did it as I just started getting into spray paint. Maybe a future project! :smiley: