Original speakers... gone kaputsky

The '92 3000GT SL I recently purchased had pretty much failed in the radio department. I replaced with a 7" flat screen radio with backup camera. Then I noticed the speakers sounded… well… crappy.

I used Joe’s video on door card R&R to get to the originals so I could replace them (and install some sound deadener in the process).

Thought you might be amused at the look of the originals. I’ll try to figure out how to upload the pic of one (both had suffered the same fate).

Important clue to look for here: where is the suspension that connected the speaker cone to the frame!

This is very comon now. You can buy replacement foam lips if you want to repair them.


My door and rear speakers look similar. Last year in my 1992 3000gt VR4 I replaced my stock door speakers with Rockford Fosgate Prime R1675x2 6 3/4" 2 way speakers (19343280109) for $40.49 US; and the rear speakers with Rockford Fosgate R169x2 6x9" Prime Series Coaxial Speakers (333677031288) for $57.99 US. The dash speakers were fine, so I did not change them. These sound just fine, fit behind the door & rear cards, and sound better than stock. See photos below before cards were reinstalled.


I did the same but with pioneer speakers 2way, sound class.

Man, you are amazing; your list of component sources must be the size of a Britannica volume 1! I’m far less of a purist, and it was a push even just to motivate myself into installing new speakers… again. (I did the same thing once before with my '92 SL auto). Soooo, new speakers with wiring adapters for me.

I did repair a speaker cone and re-glue a voice coil with my son once, but it was for a $900, 15" home subwoofer he’d just purchased from Craigslist.

I believe I used the OEM adapters from the old speakers, cut them off, and reinstall from the leads of the new speakers. But not sure.