Old man new member

Finally i have found time to join what appears to be a great asset to our Marques.

The videos Joe you have created out there are truly helpful. The parts you have developed and sourced for our cars shows the level of love and commitment to keep them on the road, well done.

Some of you know me from GTOUK, I have had my GTO for 20 years now, it started life as a 1991 Mk1 Twin Turbo. Over the years it changed in appearance by adding a Mk4 front end and side skirts.




Hi Steve
Nice to see you here. It would be great to see some more pictures of your car in the show and shine category. I am sure many people would live to see the work you have put in.
I hope that I will have a chance to catch up with the gtouk club at a meet sometime next year. Always a pleasure to see such a great crowd.

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I’ve Always enjoyed catching up with you @Joe90


Ey up Stevie, good to see you here and nice to see your work on the aero trays. Maybe I can talk to you about recreating the side pieces for the UK aero tray? Must have a catch up soon!


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Hi Andy,

Be good to catch up again buddy. Im sure i could sort out the UK spec ones.