Oil Filter for our car

Which oil filter You all Guys using ?

Last time I did a change, I used Bosch P3316 (0451103316)

I’m using the K&N one, can’t remember what the model number is, with Titan pro S 10w - 50

I use the original mitsubishi filter but only because I have a large stock of them. When you open up the filters, they all seem to be pretty much the same inside. Does anyone know anything different other than what the manufacturer claims? Lets face it, no manufacturer would say that the product is bad.

I was using k&n since I owned the car with Fuchs 10 50 but this year I went with blueprint filter and Morris lubricants 10 50 and all is well. Hard to justify scrapping a 20 quid filter and expensive oil after about 1000 miles. If it was a daily driver then no problem I’d go with the more expensive stuff but if it’s a summer weekend car less will be fine. Btw Morris oil is what Mitsubishi dealership uses as far as I know.

I have always been using this MD352626 oil filter

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Same as Derek K&N PH1004 and Fuchs 10-50 !

Any of these will do, but the Mann is the cheaper for its quality. made in Korea!