Oil cooler replacement

Hi all, any recommendations for an inexpensive as near as possible to oem replacement for my oil cooler ? My own needs to be changed, 1991 GTO TT. Thanks, Ross

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I’m in a similar situation, I need to replace mine in case there is metal in it from my failed main/rod bearings.

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I was looking at this but I wonder if there is something less expensive that will work/fit

I have a replacement on order. It looks identical to the original apart from the mounting holes. If the quality is good enough, I have arranged with the manufacturer to make it with the right mountings. I am expecting delivery of the sample within a couple of days but final manufacturing may take a couple of months so you will have to be patient of you want a straight swap for the original.


I can wait as long as it takes, my engine won’t be back in my car for a long time! :grinning: