Oil cooler pipework

Hi Guys my pipework to the oil cooler is badly corroded and seeping oil . Getting cooler rad from Graham Roberts but he has no pipes (for same reason as mine ) .
Anyone got any before I strip the old ones out and hawk them round the digger/tractor hose boys to try and get something made up. tel 07932236247

Any chance of a picture of the exact pipes you need. I may be able to help.

Will ask Gary my mechanic to ring you later or tomorrow its the blue TT .

Will be tomorrow17th

Joe to the rescue again . It must be an Aladdin’s cave in his yard . Just see what the couriers are like now, most seem to have loads of staff so hopefully get it sorted and fitted before Xmas.

Thanks Joe.

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We are truly lucky to have Joe around to help us as his Aladdin´s cave and videos are gold worth… Top guy :+1:t2: