Oil Cooler Lines

Hi, does anyone have a spare set of oil cooler pipes for sale.Oilcooler being replaced and lines to engine fell apart.Or alternatively does anyone know of alternative lines. Thanks

Looks like 3sx sells replacements.

Alternatively any hose shop could make up something to work. Probably a -8 or -10 line. Do JIC (AN) female on either end then banjo adapters. That’s all the 3sx ones are.

I’m in the UK and when my car had this issue I got the local hydraulic place to make then and with new metric fittings so no adapters needed just bolt up to original cooler. Cost about £60. Take the old ones to any decent hydraulic hose place and they will make them for you.

Thanks for the replies folks. I will check out the local hydraulic shops near me.

I got these from Rob a while back.

Thanks Spiros, I will now looking into having the pipes made up for the car with a local hydraulic pipe company.

Worth just buying a new kit with the rad too…as if rad is original that will fail next .
Bought mine fro. Evil empire …great upgrade thats hidden away.

The oil cooler is not part of the rad. It is its own unit.

Auto transmission do had a cooler integrated into the rad though. TT’s have a separate oil cooler though.

Sorry …oil cooler or small rad for the oil . Not the water rad …i know what i mean …lol