OEM timing belt

Does anyone know if mitsubishi still sells the oem timing belt as well as the other accessory belts? I checked 3sx and evil empire and both sites dont list oem belts anymore.

I bought one about a year ago. This is a standard service part which is used on many models. I would be shocked and disappointed if they discontinued such a vital part.

Gates has it which meets or exceeds oem guidlines

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I just double checked on 3sx for example and they do still sell the oem timing belt, however they as well as evil empire dont seem to sell the accessory belts oem anymore. Apparently they are now discontinued? For example 3sx sells good year belts and evil empire sells gates.

Oh yeah I know gates sells them, but mitsubishi wont use a gates belt as far as I know. Hopefully come spring time I can get the 60k service done through mitsubishi since its something I cannot do myself. Just wanted to make sure these service items are still available.

Hope you have enough funds getting it done at a dealership, those bunch of thieves will run you dry then it is putting up your house for sale :crazy_face: get on the 3si or 3sgto forums and find out if there is someone in your area that can do it since you are located here in the US

Rent a garage, buy the manuals, have the required tools and do it yourself with help from Joe or those that have done it, youtube always helps, then you shall be proud of yourself, no more sleepless nights!! :rofl: :rofl:

FYI years ago I did a complete timing belt change on a 91TT while the vehicle was parked out on the street in front of my x’s house and that too my first ever attempt, took me two days and no citations from the cops I bought them enough coffee and donuts :laughing: :laughing:

I was just going to get it done through cherry hill mitsubishi most likely. Renting a garage and doing it myself seems like a bad idea especially considering I dont have good tools as well as the fact ive never done any engine work in my life lol. Job is way too big for me.

Look into the forums I mentioned perhaps you can get lucky to find someone knowledgeable of these cars that live in your area that can do it for you with a fraction of the price that good old Cherry will charge. Strange enough that Cherry Hill refuses to install an after market belt that meets oem specs, considering of what you said I am under the impression that they do not have an oem belt for the factory recommended service, if that is the case, then the entire service plan is out of the question since they cant provide a belt? that sounds very odd to me, if you have called them up and they have provided you a quote then I am sure they will have the necessary parts for the job wherever they may find it, and FYI i have dealt with Cherry baby for many years and I have discovered in my own experience and others that they get parts from junkyards, clean them up and sell them as new, but since they will do it as a business they will have to give you a work warranty make sure it is not a ridiculous 30 to 60 day warranty for a job such as this one, but should be at least 6 months to a year, but then again you can find someone that is not a business that can do it but make sure that individual is well recognized with 100% positive reviews within the GTO community, he or she should still warrant his or her work in fear of getting a bad reputation of ripping someone off.

I am using Continental Elite accessory belts for my build, bought online.

The local mitsubishi said the belt is discontinued but then again they said all parts for my car are discontinued and will only work on it if I provide them with brand new oem parts. Cherry hill is about 40 minutes from me but I assume they would have no problems doing it. To explain how ridiculous the mitsubishi up the street from me is, last year they wouldnt even replace an ac O ring for me because apparently the O rings are discontinued lol.

Utter bollocks. Find a new mechanic as they are just being lazy. Even though you dont need OEM for everything, the sheer fact they tell you porkies says everything about their knowledge and work ethic. check out Amayama as they, along with a few others, provide OEM parts for our babies.

Yes these cars along with parts are discontinued and one of the hardest cars to work on and in my experience most independent shops or even large dealerships will not touch it because of parts that are all discontinued and hard to find when it comes to OE parts but then again after market parts work as good as OE but the downside to that is price, fitment and whether or not what you are looking for is available in today’s market. Time to get a different toy where parts are readily available and any around the corner mechanic will service it.