OEM Chrome Wheels for 1993 VR4

I recently acquired a set of OEM chrome wheels for my 1993 3000GT VR4, which will put my car very nearly 100% stock (except reupholstered leather seats, tinted windows, and floor mats).

They’re far from perfect, but the best set I’ve seen for sale so far. There’s curb rash on the lip, a scrape on the spoke of one wheel, some not-so-light scratches, widespread light swirl scratches from years cleaning without the best techniques, and just a couple small spots of chrome finish flaked off.

But in natural sunlight, viewed from a few feet away, they look very good! Can’t wait to get them on my car this spring/summer.

A previous owner painted the logos on the center caps. I initially thought I would try removing the paint to return the center caps to original, but I think I’ll keep them this way now.


They sure look nice. I had to replace the ones on my SL last year. The last owner let the seams start to rust out and then they started to leak. I need to find if it is worth it to have them rewelded and chromed. My center caps had the red and chrome metal sticker on them.

I finally got my wheels installed, with new tires too!


It will happen. In a short few years the black wheels will fall from the pleasure and be overtaken by a different rim. Will it be chrome again I don’t know but for me many black wheels on these cars take away from the car. I see red cars with black wheels but chrome always matches well with these cars. There are some fantastic well designed black wheels tho

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very nice, I like the clean up of the wheel