Obd2 fault code reader

Hello all my name is Lee
I have a 1998 GTO SR
Does anyone know if a standard Obd2 will work on an 1998 GTO? I have a cheap reader but it doesn’t work on the GTO but works on all other cars I have used it on. It connects fine but just can’t read the data.

If anyone had any ideas, it will be much appreciated.


Hi Lee

I was told that 1997 onwards OBDII was used on our cars, however I have a stand alone OBDII reader and a ELM327 bluetooth OBDII linked to the Torque app on a android phone, but neither of these units work on my car, but they work fine on my Wifes 2005 Fiat Panda.

There is a guy on 3SX who sells a unit that is rumoured to read everything but it involved ordering from the USA, I don’t know if anyone in the Uk has one, if it was possible to have confirmation that the product does work it may be worth the investment but I am not aware if there are any differences between the JDM cars and the US vehicles

So in short no idea’s at all

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Thanks for the reply! I remember taking my car to a garage a few years ago and they used a scanner and laptop to fault code my GTO - which worked great - picking up an ABS fault.

I am the same as you, if I know of an obd2 that will work on Jap spec GTOs then I would definately purchase one.

Antero has developed a scan tool that will read all the error codes, reset them and help diagnose the issues. It can communicate with all of the onboard computers (AC, ABS, SRS, ECU etc.).

I’ve bought it and it works great. Plus if you have any issues Antero is great to deal with. You can choose which type of cable (depending on the year of your car) you want, or order both of them in case you want to use it on different cars.

Here is the thread:


The 3000GT / GTOs (Euro and Jap edition cars with 1996 and newer) don’t follow the OBD2 protocol, and this is why the ELM327 and Torque app fails to run.

I have made a product that will read the Mitsu MUT protocol on these cars, and convert it into high speed OBD2 Canbus. $100 USD shipped.

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