Obd2 bluetooth reader

hey guys
I’m looking to get a obd2 bluetooth reader for my 1997 gto, I was wondering if there is anything recommended or any specific I need to know to get a reading?
Thanks in advance

Hi I am quite new on here also, from what I have read the Mitsubishi GTO although it has a socket that accepts a OBDII reader that these cars are unable to communicate with OBDII diagnostic products.

I would be delighted if somebody could prove that this is not the case, all I can tell you is that I have a 1997 JDM GTO and I have connected my OBDII reader and also connected a bluetooth dongle and run the “Torque” software on my Android phone and neither work on my GTO, both of the items work ok on my wife’s 2005 Fiat Panda.

I have therefore concluded that either as seems to be generally accepted that the GTO’s ECU is not compatible or that my car has been modified in some way to prevent it connecting to a OBDII device.

If any more concrete information is available then perhaps people will post on this thread

Hi, I have found these scanners that are supposed to be compatible with our gto/3000gt’s

I hope one of these two bluetooth ones will work. Ill be trying to get my hands on one of these in the next couple of months. Will keep posted

-Actron CP9600 - Actron U-Scan Code Readers
-Innova 3211 - Innova Quicklink Diagnostic Tools


Hey Brillo, what brand obd2 did you try? Also I thought it was obd hybrid from 1994-1995 only then its straight obd2 after that?

Hi Jamie

I have also read that after 1995 its straight OBDII, I am assuming you are not in the UK as I am sure I read that on one of the US Forums and it may be that the JDM cars are different to the Strateside vehicles.

The Bluetooth I have is a ELM327 For the Torque app and the stand alone reader is a ProScan V350 as I say my Car being a Grey Import to the UK is Japanese Domestic Market product so this may have a bearing on the compatibility, also there is no way of knowing if anything has been modified in that area of the car as there have been previous owners in the UK and probably in Japan also but I unfortunately have no history with my car.

When JDM cars are imported into the UK they all get modified to a greater or lesser extent to comply with the UK regulations. This generally amounts to The fitting of a Red rear fog light with switch and warning light and the front side lights being changed from Amber to White as a minimum.

In my experience these modifications are carried out to a very poor standard simply to allow the vehicle to obtain a Ministry of Transport Test certificate to enable the importer to sell the vehicle, and there is no telling what wires have been sliced into to obtain Feeds and Earths.

Please keep in touch if you get a unit to communicate with your car as I would be very interested in being able to use a OBDII

Best Regards

I’ve made a device that will read all Mitsubishi 3000GT / GTO / Dodge stealth from USA / Euro and Jap. It solves the issue with ELM327 bluetooth and Torque app.

Here’s an early unit, with someone reviewing it.



Hey mate that is awsome how much is it + shipping to Australia?

I can vouch for this product.

I have a 1996/97 uk 3000GT and odb2 do not work with it directly.

The adapter from blackstealt allows me to use torque pro to build a dashboard, pull error codes etc.

Would recommend it.

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I don’t know if I am allowed to advertise on this thread, so I sent you a private message.


Hi @BlackStealth , I would be interested in this , could you PM me also.