Not quite ready to show

Morning All…!!
Love the videos mate, figured I’d show you mine!


It takes time :smile:


Looking good so far. How much time have you spent on it and what was the condition when you started?

Can’t wait to see all of the car…Looking good so far . Is this a VR-4, SL, or base?

I’ve had it since early December 2019. It was a non-runner, holes in the rear sills, the back end was sprayed badly and it had some cheap bucket seats in that weren’t even bolted down… basically it was a wreck!
I’ve completely stripped the whole car (except for the rear quarter glass!) to sort the rust and bodywork. Engine-wise, the heads have been removed… found a manifold bolt lodged in a valve!
Engine has been rebuilt but wont start, troubleshooting has narrowed it down to a knackered ECU, waiting for a replacement.


It’s a 1991 JDM GTO twin turbo, VR4 to you guys over the pond :blush::+1:

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Can’t wait to see the final product! It’s so satisfying to do the work yourself. It’s also satisfying to see someone learn some skills and take pride in their work! Welcome to the forum!