Ninja Performance

Hi, I have been trying to contact Ninja Performance at their help email about shipping costs. I have emailed them 3 times with no response. Does anyone know of a different way to contact them?

Did You try facebook !

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No, I will do that! Thanks!

I made an order 2 months ago still not have received it. They have ignored emails. I am sure this might sound odd for them but somethings up.

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Any luck reaching them?

Hi, it looks like they are having a hard time at the moment, judging by the posts on their Facebook page. They made a post a couple months ago about refusing orders because they had over 200 pending orders. That might be your issue.

I recently ordered a clutch kit from them and it took about 6 weeks (ordered late Oct and got it mix dec). I’ve been buying from them for a long time-consuming they used to be mind boggling fast. Now at check out they had a notice that it would take 2-4 weeks to process, but they can try to be quicker if you need it for your only daily driver. I haven’t been driving much in the pandemic, so I forgoed the rush.

Ninja has good pricing and selection. I hope they sort things out soon.

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Hopefully this will provide you with some explanation as to why Chris (Ninja) is taking so long to ship items.

He has been struggling for years, and with his wife’s help he keeps the business running.
Please be patient, they are doing the best that they can given the circumstances…


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Get well soon. health comes first