New User in Maryland U.S.A

Hello everyone, glad I found a bunch of crazy GTO/VR4/STEALTH enthusiast like myself. Today is my first day on the forum and with just a few weeks spent with Joe on YouTube, wait, spent the same amount of time with the camera man / person, and have learned more about my 1994 Stealth R/T in these past weeks then the twenty-seven years I’ve owned it. Thank You. I’m hopelessly hooked. I would also like to thank each one of you forum members and YouTube followers because you have all let me realize that it is ok to have been crazy about these vehicles for the last 27 years and 261,000 miles.


Hi Richard
Welcome to the forum. It is always good to see new members and I like to see these cars with such high mileage.
It just goes to show how bullet proof these engines are if you just look after them.
Don’t forget to post some pictures of your car in the show and shine category.


261,000 miles… well done, sir! Welcome to the forum


Thanks Joe, you are so right about put IN what you get OUT of these cars and they’ll take car of you. After I give it a bath, I’ll send some pics.

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Hey Matt, never knew I’d get to 100,000 mi let alone 200,000. Every mile has been worth the $’s and time spent enjoying it.


Joe has been single handed, along with Mitch, keeping this car from fading awAy. He has brought back the notion to many that stock is more valuable than turning your car into the bat mobile. Yes there are some modest mods that might be needed but for the most part staying stock is cool


Hi buddy and welcome to the forum

Welcome, I think its fantastic you have owned one of these for 27 years. Just shows a lot of the criticism of our cars is unfounded. You reap what you sew.