New Tire Recommendations

What are the best tires for our cars? Anyone have any recommendations?

To be honest Tyre choice is a very personal matter and I am not aware of what Mitsubishi fitted from the factory as I have never been near a GTO/3000GT that early in its life, Mitsubishi as a manufacturer have tended to go for Yokohama tyres from the factory on the Lancer EVO’s.

My personal preference would be Michelin if I could afford them, however my budget does not allow that.

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I’m running Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 happy with these.

Best is a subjective term, especially when it comes to tires.

So many things can change your preference from price, to driving conditions etc.

If you are on a budget, but still want something decent yo could look at General GMAX. If price is no object look at Michelen Pilot Sport 4s.

If you are doing auto cross or road racing then that changes the game as well.

I’m on Pilot Sport 4s as well and they are excellent. Only 1000 km on them at the moment so no idea of wear.

The all season 4 is $50 cheaper than the 4s. What’s the difference?

Speed rating, traction rating, treadware rating (The AS will last longer)

American Tire Depot has buy 3 tires get 1 free. That deal is making me want to get the 4s tires now.

We don’t have all seasons tires in Australia as it only really snows on our tallest mountains :-). The 4s would handle way better in the dry than the all seasons, so much better suited to us Aussies.
My day to day car has Pilot Sport 4 (not the “s”) which has slightly lower dry traction, still excellent though, and slightly better wet road traction and is also a bit quieter out on the road.
Both tires have brilliant overall grip. But as you pointed out are not cheap:-(

I just got a set of 245/45R17 99V Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 (about $800) on 17”x 8.5” OEM Alloy Wheels for mountain pass driving for temperatures of about -20 to about 45 degree F. These would not be good for warm weather. I hope to use these tires for the first time for a ski trip soon, maybe next week. This GT has been in my barn since last Fall. Had its transaxle rebuilt by Chris Behnken at Rvenge Performance; Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He is very knowledgeable about this platform. He supports the 3S community and drag races his Stealth. The rebuilt transaxle arrived on January 31. I have been reinstalling the engine and transaxle back into the GT as time permits with some extra goodies.

I have been running 245/45R17 95Y Goodyear Eagle F1 All Season for non winter driving(these were a great deal for about $420 for the tires from Priority Tire & $120 mounting and balancing done locally) on 17”x 8.5” OEM Chromed Alloy Wheels. I have about 4,000 miles on them. These are great tires.

I’m running Michelin Pilot Super sport, they are awesome tire and handing overall performance is great. Mine is lowered a 1" and upgraded suspension and it’s like a go cart on steroids. Now all that said I will say I’m biased because I used to work there and admittedly don’t cost me anything but the statements prior are fact.

Nobody has the tires available. They are sitting on a boat in the ocean. Supply chain problems continue. Not sure why we don’t have the ability to unload boats

The Continental tires are in stock. Anyone ever use these?

Nothing but praise for Continental. A different tire, but I had them on my Altima. I just had to replace them. Mine had a 40K warranty, I got 73K out of them. Rode very nice, a medium amount of noise. Unfortunately, they don’t make the ones I had anymore. I went with Dunlop. We shall see.

If I remember correctly, here in the States our Stealths came with GoodYear Eagles.

I like the TOYO tires and pretty affordable. Mine are on 17inch aftermarket wheels