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Also a member of the other UK GTO forum.

My first GTO was sadly broken in to and broken beyond repair so it was broken down and sold off nearly 10 years ago. The bug bit me again in November 2019 and have got a Mk1 im slowly restoring at the moment!

Its been running rough since purchasing it and have changed most items that invlove the ignition, timing and fuel supply. Tonight I removed the harmonic pulley/crank pulley and had a squeeky bum moment when i realised that the pulley is totally wrecked and the cambelt was 3 teeth out at the crank. im hoping that there is no valve damage, but this will only be evident after the new cambelt is installed along with a new pulley!

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Hi Robbie
Welcome to the forum. You aren’t the first to have this problem. Don’t worry, she will be up and running again in no time.

Welcome along, I know how you feel as I had timing issues as well after a garage made a mess of a 56000 mile service. Thankfully despite being 4 teeth out on front cam and 7 degrees on the crank all was well and I’ve been driving since with no issues thanks to someone who actually knew how to work on one of these. Hopefully yours will be ok as well.