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Hello! Just introducing myself and generally thanking this wonderful community. I finally bought my dream car, a 1991 Mitsubishi GTO. I live in the state of Oregon, USA and found a little gem with 80K Km. Silver and completely stock. Obviously it has its issues and problems but a lot of work has already gone into it to restore and get it running. Drives very well, ECU has been replaced, new fuel pump, timing belt, water pump, climate control recently repaired, power antenna, finally found the cargo cover, IAC valve, temp sensor and some other, mostly OEM replacements. I’ve been working and modifying cars for a long time and have aquired a good collection. Currently own a 97 Eclipse GSX, 06 Subaru Legacy GT, 09 Mazdaspeed 3, 17 Focus RS and for the wife and new baby a 22 Subaru WRX. Also have a 97 dodge Ram 1500 to haul parts.

Anyway, looking forward to contribute and to learn as well. Thank you @Joe90 for your amazing channel and for motivating people to work on this platform the proper way.


Welcome, she looks really clean. Good health to enjoy.

Welcome to the forum and to the gto community.

Welcome! Looks beautiful! These cars a blast to drive. Season is just starting here in MT.

Nice one and good find , I have 1991 Twin Turbo in Red over in New Zealand . Rock Auto is very good for some parts if you need them .

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