New member from Wisconsin USA

Hello All, Im From Wisconsin, USA. Owned my 1991 3000gt VR4 for 17 years. It was down for quite awhile but now have it up and running like a champ! Love the detailed DIY videos! Helped me out a lot with my restoration. Hope to learn a lot more and find some parts and information here! Hopefully I can contribute anyway I can! Thanks to all in advance!


Welcome to the forum Zivko36, Any pics of your car ?



Changes are soon to come. The car was painted this color from the previous owner, it will be getting repainted it’s original pearl white this winter.

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Welcome to the forum Aaron. Thanks for introducing yourself.

Welcome to the forum Aaron, its a very helpful platform and I was just going to say what a nice colour your car was, very attractive shade of blue

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Welcome Aaron to the Forum.

I love white. Flames would stand out beautifully against the white. Yeah, flames.

Hey, What model and specs is it? Asking because it looks identical to the one I am restoring. Always good to come across people who might have similar models (and run into the same problems).