New here -1991 VR4 project USA

Have had this for some time but finally got around to really working on it. This was right after I got it.



Hi Jon
Welcome to the forum and a big thank you for being a patron of the channel.
It is always good to see project cars at the beginning and then see the progress as you move on with it. Make sure you keep this post updated with pictures.

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Welcome to the forum!

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All very much still WIP photos. The car had developed a starting problem and ended up sitting for years, making a worse starting problem. so got the car running again, then did the 60k. got whats needed to clean up the cracked up interior, got the dents out (replacing the drivers door) and getting the car and parts ready to paint… so many parts…


This is a big (at least to me) project! Any new progress to share?

It looks like a fun project, can’t wait to see its progress. I’m doing a simular project on an 87 firbird trans am at the moment. It’s my first time doing body work and the firebird is serving as a practice canvas before I do the same to my 91 vr4

Good to see those babies being well treated nowadays. Congrats