New Ecs suspension

Goodmorning every one, any one knows if there are any aftermarket suspension with ecs pls? Have a problem with the light blinking on sport, stiff ride. Thanks in advance for your help

Get the Codes read, most likely a broken wire on the top connector !

Thanks a just bought a diagnostic reader, when arrives i check it out, my electrician already told me that he checked the wiring and seem to be ok. I was wondering if the ecs computer is not working.

What year is the car?

1991 tt, i bought a diagnostic tool to check for faults. I hope i dont get mad to see many faults. Gto s are likely to have many faults coming up these years. Lol

The reader arrived but i didnt have time to use it. Maybe im afraid :grimacing:

When you try it please let us know . If easy to use or better off giving to garage guy ? Also pic of connecting plug end and of it in situ connected would be good. Obviously make and price if you are happy.
Got ECS and active aero on TT and SBS on auto plus nearly failed mot on what turned out to be dirty sensors ABS (wavy track light)

Yes sure no problem i will update as soon as i try and use it. With pics and info. :slight_smile:

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Today i had the pleasure of using the diagnostic scanner only for a few minutes. I just checked for ecs. 2 faults came up actuator on front left and rear right.

Processing: VID20211013090922.mp4…

That’s the flashing dash light explained then. At least it narrows it down from 4 to 2 units athough how to repair an actuator (valve, spring, motor or whatever) I wouldn’t have clue. Hopefully its like my abs sensor and a cou[ple of broken wires. What make unit are you using and where to buy.

I think its very useful, at least codes are written and not you have to decode the fault. I bought it from 3si canada. Touchscreen Scantool, communicates to all computers on our cars | Mitsubishi 3000GT & Dodge Stealth Forum

More narrowing of the problems, leaves you with more money in the wallet coz your going straight to the fault instead of try and guess. :slight_smile:

Agreed the scantool is plentiful but OBD1 plug a bit of a Unicorn . Having said that the last RAC guy had his own as well as company OBD11 one

I only used it once, will see if every fault is being detected. The scan tool comes with obd 2 lpug and obd 1 plug adapter so you can use it on all mitsubishi model.