New category added

I have just added a new category for reviewing parts for our cars.
This category is for you to review an aftermarket part that you have personally used. This is so we all know which parts are available for our cars and their quality. You must have personally used the part in order write a review. Please do not tell us about something you heard or read about.
I hope that this category will allow us to pass on information about the parts that are good or bad.


Good idea, peer reviewed is always better than anecdotal evidence in my opinion!!

Great idea Joe, especially with genuine parts becoming a bit scarce.

Will review Cheng’s weather strips when fitted . They arrived within two weeks and look good . Get TT back later today after resray so will fit next weekend and review if Jay (ManUtd) has not done so.


Yes I’d like to know if they are close to oem

Done it in review section. Still good ,only difference is screw in ends are rubber ,whereas originals are complete part of the main metal strip, but that is fine as the profile was perfect and they clamped well over metal door top.

It’s the postage costs that really put me off ordering any.