New belts fitted and new noise

Hello all my name is Lee and I have a GTO SR.

I had a horrid noise coming from my alternator and Power Steering belt so decided to change the 2 belts and also change the idler pulley.

The horrid noise has now gone, but instead i now have a quite loud chirping noise instead. The garage said this noise should go away soon as they are brand new parts installed.

does this seem correct or will I need to adjust the tension maybe?


Those belts run around a few rollers, and if they did not check them while changing the belts, then the new sound might very well come from there… It happend for me, and I had to go back and check, and sure enough… One of my rollers had a loud bearing squeel noise


I’m with Johan on this one.

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thanks for the reply both. what’s the best way to check? would I have to take the belt off and inspect every roller? thanks

Yes, take both belts off and spin the rollers both ways and wiggle them to check if there is play in the bearing…

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thanks for the info! much appreciated

You are most welcome… Do ask as we have this forum to support each others :+1:

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You may have noticed that I am slowly adding more and more parts to the Joes Gems section. This list will continue to grow and it will include all of these service parts for a fraction of the usual UK rip off prices. I already have the aux belts in stock but I am waiting for the tensioner pulley this week and the idler pulley in about 2 months so that I can put this together as another kit for the same price as the idler pulley on its own. If you can put up with the noise for now, you can save some money.


thanks Joe, I have replaced both belts and the idler so I will defiantly change the lower pulley ( Air Conditioning Tensioner Lower Pulley) If I can buy off you separate please. thanks

Hi lee
Sorry for the slow reply. You can get the lower pulley off ebay for just £19 Inc Post. I would not be able to compete with that price. I will be relying on the combined price of all 3 parts to allow for a discount. Would I be right in saying that you paid about £70 for the upper pulley?

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Hi Joe, thanks for the reply. I paid £89 in total (postage included) from Rob for the top Idler pulley. The lower fully is £83 on the Evil Empire webpage - I always worry about getting cheaper versions incase they are inferior to the originals. what do you think, is it worth buying the eBay version - as its only a pulley? thanks, Lee

I can assure you 100% that you won’t see any difference in performance as long as the replacement has the guide lip. Mitsubishi uses bearings from other companies and not their own. Most other pulley makers use the same bearing as mitsubishi so you will most likely be getting the same product for a fraction of the cost. I just looked at the pulley on Robs site and even though he says that it is a genuine mitsubishi part, you can clearly see another manufacturers part number on the product. This is the same part number that I sell as an after market pulley.


Hi Joe, thanks, I will get one form eBay for this. I have looked in my manual for the part number for the lower tensioner/pulley but can’t find anything. they both look similar but i take it there is a difference between them? I just want to make sure I get the right one. thanks

Please be very careful with this one because I noticed that a number of people on ebay are using the wrong part number. One is 10mm dial bigger and costs 4 times more. That is the upper one which you already have. If it is £20, it is the correct one. There is no point looking for the correct part number if they are using the wrong one.

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thanks for your help Joe! much appreciated!

Here are 2 pictures illustrating the difference in pulleys etc. from VR4 to SR



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Although mine is a SR - it originally had air con fitted (possibly as an option). I removed all the A/C components and fitted a shorter belt for the Alternator. It now looks like this. Ive never seen the top image before to be honest! thanksstock-pulleys-ac-idlers-11-diagram-acelim2

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