New 2020 Competition

                                       COMPETITION RULES AND APPLICATION

Please read the rules very carefully and if you would like to enter the competition, just click on ‘new topic’ and then tell me about your location, car and what video you would like to have done on your car. Please start your request with your first name (not screen name)
Rules for entry.

  1. You must be in a country that does not require me to apply for a visa to travel. Visa waver, ESTAS and visa on entry is fine.
  2. You must have full legal tital to the car that will be worked on.
  3. You must agree to your first name and your vehicle (excluding registration plate) video being shown on my YouTube channel.
  4. I will have full ownership of the video.
  5. The vehicle must be a 3000gt, GTO, VR4 or Dodge Stealth.
  6. I will not cover any fault finding, painting, welding or body repairs.
  7. The video must be for the man or woman at home with domestic tools. No engine rebuilds, screen replacement or anything that requires specialist equipment.
  8. You must provide a safe area to work.
  9. You must provide all of the tools, parts and jacking equipment required to safely complete the job.
  10. you can’t request a subject that has already been covered on my channel.
  11. You must accept responsibility and costs for any breakages that occur as a result of the job being carried out. Eg, if any bolts or plastic parts break whilst removing due to age or rust etc.
  12. I will choose the winner solely at my discretion and my decision is final.
  13. You must be a subscriber to my YouTube channel AND a member of this forum with you profile completed in order to enter.
  14. You agree to re-emberse any losses occurred by me if you fail to meet the conditions set out in the rules of entry or do not go ahead with the filming for any reason after my flight has been booked. You will be given at least 7 days notice prior to booking and the date of filming will be agreed by both parties.

For any questions please comment below otherwise to apply please make a new post in this category.

Good luck


Hi Joe,
I too am a regular guy from a town on the coast of Mississippi. I can’t offer much other than beaches with casino hotels but the people are good. I see some entering have great credentials and big shops and that is great but I have a 1994 base model I have a passion with repairing and upgrading it’s look and feel. When I found your videos they were perfect for my needs. If you want to come to this place when times get right would be honoured. Thanks. Mike from Ocean Springs MS. USA


Hello Mike
Welcome to the forum and thank you for the offer. I am building a map of owners that are on my forum and after the ridiculous quarantine ends, I hope to visit as many of you as possible. I have been to Mississippi before and I loved the State so I look forward to returning.